Membership Requirements

The membership is restricted to willing staff of the National Examination Council who must have fulfilled the following conditions:

  1. Applied for registration
  2. Paid the approved registration fee
  3. Satisfied all other conditions as stipulated in the Bye-Law


Application for membership shall be in writing through the Secretary and shall be disposed of by the Executive Committee, who may grant or refuse admission. Any applicant refused admission shall be informed that he may appeal to the Society through a member at the next General Meeting which may take such decision as it deems fit.

Every member on admission shall sign or thumb-print the Membership and Attendance Register.



Every member of the Society shall be:

  1. Ordinary resident in Minna or any of the States/Zonal Offices of NECO. However, a member who leaves the area of operation of the Society may maintain his membership in accordance with the Bye-Law 61(ii)(e).
  2. Of good character
  • Of not less than 18 years of age.